Alu i Pvc stolarija, konstrukcije, stakla te prateću opremu i dodatke.
U poslu sa stolarijom smo 20 godina. Obratite nam se s povjerenjem,a mi Vam garantiramo najbolje cijene za najvišu klasu stolarije u Hrvatskoj.
With adjustable or fixed slats

The combination of tradition and modern technology make this system indispensable in a rustic style of construction, and with a large selection of systems, colors and decor, it is increasingly being applied in modern architecture.
In addition to being an excellent shade and aesthetically important element, ALU shutters protect from unwanted views while protecting joinery and enhancing security.

We offer wide selection of colors, decors, adjustable or fixed slats, and various ALU shutter systems such as:

window shutters

balcony shutters

lockable shutters

sliding shutters

harmonica shutters

folding shutters

facade shutters

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We offer electric motors for window and balcony shutter systems.
With superior quality and functionality, Somfy® electric motors have the ability to control the shutters by:

standard push-button

single-channel or multi-channel remote control


smart light sensor

safety sensor for hurricane wind recognition

all types of tablets, smartphones (Android and iOS) and computers

Of all these options, there will surely be an option or combination that works best for your needs.

All our electric motor systems and its control systems not only pass the tests, but have set new standards with their quality, innovation and functionality.