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Static and extra polyamide reinforcement, and innovative Omega thermal break make this system ideal for renovations and new construction.

The MB-60 is a modern aluminum system designed to execute outside architectural elements of a building that require thermal and sound insulation such as various types of windows and doors for hallways, space structures, office and exhibition spaces, and apartment buildings.

It is also distinguished by the ability to make various hemispheres, arches, ellipses and unique elements. The design, as with the entire MB series, is elegant, modern, with clear lines and will satisfy even the most demanding users.

Glazing up to 50 mm (double or triple glazed glass)

Characterized by:

Modern aluminum system

Thermal and sound insulation

Double or triple glazed glass

60 MM


do 1,18 W/m2K


(UG) 0,5 W/M2K


DO 0,70 W/M2K


  • Original aluminum protection and coating
  • Profile depth, 69 mm frame and 60 mm sash
  • Glass thickness up to 50 mm – triple glazed glass
  • Maximum size of one sash – height up to 2400 mm, width up to 1250 mm
  • Maximum weight of one sash – 120 kg
  • Ability to install different glass systems
  • Static profile construction
  • System with profiled thermal break
  • Ability to use additional insulator – MB-60 HI
  • Low threshold option for balcony doors
  • Two-color profile option (profiles can have different colors inside and out)
  • Ability to create restoration windows
  • Extra reinforced polyamide (central material that binds two ALU profile hemispheres)
  • Ability to produce arched joinery structures
  • Ability to create a PSK tilt and slide door
  • Thermal insulation up to (Uw) 1.18 W / m2K (HI)