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Flats, houses or hotels with panoramic views of the surroundings are the dream of many investors during the construction process. The MB-77HS corner lift and slide door is the perfect choice for anyone looking to make most from their home, with incredible panoramic views and beautiful look. Some want to rest in the living room to stay away from the outside world, while others dream of the moment when they can breathe some air to relieve their fatigue. However, true escape from the noise of everyday life is only possible in harmony with nature. A garden in the yard and contact with carefully grown plants are the best ways to relax. The MB-77HS corner lift and slide door now allows you to open the living room from either side of the construction without a pillar. This solution provides access to exterior views and the ability to decorate the building in an original and modern way.

One step from the garden

The corner sliding door that connects the living room to the garden affects not only the aesthetics of the interior but also the facade of the building and plays a key role in protecting the house from heat loss or burglary. The MB-77HS corner system is an extremely practical solution that doesn’t take up much space. It is easily used by children and people with disabilities. With this system, you have more space and more options when it comes to design. For the door to be functional and aesthetically pleasing, high quality materials, technology and sophisticated design are required. The MB-77HS system is a perfect mix of them. It is characterized by energy savings, functionality, comfort and aesthetics.

In addition, the system allows the door to be equipped with anti-theft glass without significant changes in construction due to the closed slats. Another benefit of the system is the convenience of opening and closing the door provided by the optional feature of an “HS-Master” actuator (electric motor) operated by a button or remote control. Also, it is worth mentioning that we offer a wide variety of colors, which guarantees to achieve the best look of the building. Given its specific features, the system can be used not only in residential construction but also in public buildings such as apartments or hotels. It fits perfectly into the style of modern and transparent architecture. Not only does the MB-77HS corner lift and slide door enhance the look of the building, it also offers panoramic views from the inside and maximally illuminated space thus making it the perfect choice for connecting the living room to the green garden.

Quality, functionality, aesthetics, comfort: MB-77HS corner lift and slide door.

It is characterized by:




  • Panoramic view from the inside
  • Fully open and illuminated space
  • Improves the appearance of the entire building
  • Barrier-free system between interior and exterior (floor level threshold)
  • An innovative and sophisticated system
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Excellent waterproofing and airtightness
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Original profile protection and coating
  • Possible option with electric motor (complete remote control)
  • Large selection of colors and decor
  • Outstanding aesthetic profile design
  • Available in two versions: 90° and 270°