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U poslu sa stolarijom smo 20 godina. Obratite nam se s povjerenjem,a mi Vam garantiramo najbolje cijene za najvišu klasu stolarije u Hrvatskoj.

Quality, functionality and aesthetics: the best of ALU sliding systems.

This 174/271 mm frame with its modern appearance and design is guaranteed top-notch product.

It is characterized by excellent thermal and waterproofing values combined with outstanding airtightness and sound protection. It will create the most illuminated space and the most beautiful view possible.

Easy handling, lift and slide system, multiple variants, 2 or 3 track system and the largest dimensions of 6.6 m x 3.2 m make this system indispensable in the modern construction of apartments, houses and hotels with high requirements of functionality and aesthetics.


High aesthetics


271 / 174 MM


77 MM


do 0,84 W/m2K


(UG) 0,5 W/M2K


Examples of opening

  • 271/174 mm mounting profile depth
  • 77 mm sash depth
  • Original profile protection and coating
  • Profiled frame-shaped thermal break
  • Possibility of making a corner door at an angle of 90° or 270° without a fixed pole (corner door system)
  • Unique sealing design guarantees the highest waterproofing and airtightness
  • Ability to install HS-Master actuator on remote control
  • Large selection of RAL color palettes
  • Installation glass depth up to 58.5 mm
  • All glass systems can be installed
  • The maximum size in one piece is an incredible 6.5 m wide and 3.4 m high
  • Load capacity of one sash up to 400 kg
  • For added security, it is possible to install WK-2
  • HS speed limitation can be installed for safe use of large sashes
  • Low threshold in the level of the finished floor (laminate, ceramics, parquet…)
  • Thermal insulation up to (Uw) 0.84 W / m2K (MB-77HS HI)
  • Extra reinforced polyamide (central material that binds two hemispheres of ALU profile)