Alu i Pvc stolarija, konstrukcije, stakla te prateću opremu i dodatke.
U poslu sa stolarijom smo 20 godina. Obratite nam se s povjerenjem,a mi Vam garantiramo najbolje cijene za najvišu klasu stolarije u Hrvatskoj.

For the greatest beauty and comfort of your home.

Open up your space, fill it with natural light and treat yourself to a beautiful view.

Our tilt and slide doors are made from two Premium systems:

Energeto 5000 or Energeto 8000 with which we use specially designed sashes of 105 mm height for maximum statics, functionality, safety and longevity of this system.

Also, with the choice between the two Premium profile systems, we have the choice between two control systems for you: classic ejection and automatic ejection.

Not only does classic ejection satisfy with its static, quiet operation and longevity, it is also one step ahead among the competition in the sliding systems market.

Automatic ejection, along with the features of the classic, takes this door to a whole new level, and it will surely please you with its functionality and ease of handling, even with large dimensions.

It is characterized by:

Beautiful view



85 MM




105 MM


0,65 W/m2K


3 sigurnosne



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In cooperation with BASF, a special material of patented masses has been developed in combination with fiberglass. Powerdur inside the profile takes care of its stability, making steel reinforcement unnecessary. With powerdur®, instead of steel reinforcements inside the profile, we achieve significantly better static and thermal insulation, which, unlike steel, is not subsequently drawn into the profile but the PVC profile is extruded around the powerdur strips, thus creating an inseparable, extremely solid whole. Also, with the powerdur system it is very important that it can be welded in such a way that when one takes the window frame one does not have four separate reinforcements (two vertices and two horizontal ones) but rather ne continuous reinforcement along the entire window frame around.


… energeto® window with powerdur® technology is up to 25% more solid and up to 20% lighter than a conventional PVC window? This significantly affects not only the quality, thermal insulation and functionality of the joinery, but also all other segments such as higher quality and more precise production, lower fuel costs for transportation and easier and better installation.


What is safetec inside?

Anti-theft protection should be taken into account when purchasing windows, as in most cases the perpetrators break through the window. Burglars have enough of everything at their disposal but time, so every minute that a window can withstand is important when somebody is trying to break into. Last year, 10 906 burglaries occurred in Croatia alone.

What is safetec inside?

As the third seal in the middle of the profile, it serves on one hand to improve thermal insulation, waterproofing, sound insulation and airtightness, and on the other hand prevents contact with the fittings and easy lifting of the sashes with tools and thus the burglary itself. You can relax with safetec inside because it has the best security features in the profile. With this exceptional safetec security system, you will get an anti-theft mount as a gift.

As you can see, it is extremely important that the third (middle) seal be the same as the other two in profile, extruded from solid material in a piece together with the profile to provide additional safety protection. A solid seal provides a solid support and therefore maximum thermal insulation, sound insulation, waterproofing and airtightness. In addition, this system features seals at three levels: each seal is at its height level, and thus the profile is designed at three levels, which significantly contributes to all of the above.

Careless life with the aluplast® technology


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For PVC joinery there is a window sash, a middle sash (105 mm) and a large sash (120 mm).

The height of the window sash depends on the system selected. The large sash is the system for the front door and the middle sash (105 mm) is for large-dimension element systems.

Our tilt and slide doors are made of the largest sash that can be installed in them, and this is the middle sash (105 mm), which guarantees the durability of the tilt and slide systems.

  • Most of the tilt and slide doors in Croatia are made from window sash for lower cost, but these kinds of doors are not long-lasting.


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UV protection in PVC material

The only really effective UV profile protection

– UV stabilizers are added to the PVC mass before profile extrusion, which greatly prevents UV radiation from affecting the profile.

– What does that mean?

– Longer profile life without color changes, loss of strength and functionality.


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The new generation is a label for the current latest generation of profiles. Just like in the world of cars or mobile devices, in the joinery world, only much less often, there are older profile systems and new upgraded profile systems.

What does that mean?

When the profile system is changed and upgraded with the latest technologies in the segments of thermal insulation, waterproofing, security, static and functionality, then we sort that system into a new generation of profiles.